Never knew the life was in the tree.

Poet Dreamersteves Shack

Why do the leaves

believe in the branches

why do they hold so tight

when did the wind

 tell them the answers

Never knew the life was in the tree

Bugs have eaten

all the hope of the fall color

on this one

He waited for nourishment

and was starved

thrown to the bees.

Maple leaves are so full of sugar

 they attract

the flying curses

Never knew the life was in the tree..

the moral of the leaves was written in the roots

no mortal or creature was imbued with the code

just live on.. wait to be eaten …

it was your destiny ..

curl up and die… 

Never knew the life was in the tree.

Humans watched the roots and limbs

 how strong and good to burn

they used their wiles

 to convince the leaves

to join the branches in the blaze

now the leaves had risen to…

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