My Yearnings of Her..

my thoughts of her grow stronger with age…

Poet Dreamersteves Shack

She removed the walls I had built to save myself from her love abides

Somehow her beauty never fades..with skin that mastered time..she still sets her eyes free and I fall for them..

Our love’s blending tear drops dropped like rain..fingers full splashed as we parted..blinded ..but living on in hope 

 Time tested all her shortcomings..and found her heart was her magic..seems underneath it all she knew how to forgive


For all my strength..her smile could bring me to my knees..

Her spirit ..undaunted ardent lover..passed right through my my heart.

Happy moments struggling to come out..from funny pajamas and golden hair..where those eyes and smile hide..waiting to be kissed 

Did you think I’d let that argument supplant your rose..uproot the only one who matters to me.


When your book of me is done..and the pages become so worn and stained with life..will you…

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