Nighttime is the peak of this,
Living in a state of bliss,
My eyes are covered, as it seems,
With scales of whistful, lazy, dreams.
Time is not..space is endless..finding my way…I’m Lost!
I’m running, but soundly sleeping, while memories are tossed.
I can do such wonderous things..you can’t imagine,
For I have Father time in a box that only I can fashion.
He’ll do my bidding..for a space of time,
and make my life fancy free,
While I engorge myself in life’s splendors,
of things that can not be.
Now, we live in those Dreamlights that grow in intensity,
That shine their milky lights for all of us to be,
Those moments of endless falling that inspire our very being,
Hinting, what we might have been or what we now are fleeing.