When did failure fool

us so?

For only in it are the seeds

 to grow.

Why do losers have

such a bad name,

For Only They learn..

 more in every game.

Where is it that the strong

show their metal?

It is when, with their enemies,

they learn to  settle.

What do you think is one’s

happiest hour?

Isn’t it the time

when they share their power.

While reaching for that Golden Ring,

Did they forget the others

they should bring.

Had winning taught

any lessons at all?

For you to be happy,

did someone need to feel small.

We learn most in life

it seems,

From moments when

we don’t reach our dreams.

For when our star glows

so bright,

We can’t see others

in our sight.

It is when we can not judge

our length,

On this weakness

He restores our strength…