Ransom the wicked world for pennies

to magnify how little good remains

spurn beauty for the exposure

it earns

Cry out …in the mire ..to find some hope

when we  discover flames  that do hold us here..

violent echoes of what we are..

Trances of earlier times

now repeated ..obedient to history’s tune..

lay before your eyes ..

colored by time in vast cauldrons  of

memories…naked to the dawning of my wishful


raindrops of  purpose dripping ..over desire to be

trounced in every direction..

by those who hold the word ..

so forcefully.. in jealous teeth

this soul’s exploration of the inner me..

splendor that others cannot see…

Discovering a calm  internal ..

splendor ..refreshing

somber ..depth unknown..

Bliss stands before my eyes

to take a bow…