when life is sown by a Woman..
precarious cliffs of life ensue..
A Mother is a strong extruder..
prolific teacher..loving friend..

You can find her in my wishes..
find her tenderness..
she will whisper all my weakness..
and shout my weakest strength..

she will wrap me in her loving..
keep me from all pain..
expose my false lovers..
before I find life’s drain..

yet every time I glance upon her face..
her smile knows me ..and what a sweet embrace..
Lovely Woman ..life you gave..
 the best we’ll experience..
this side of the grave..

so when the Mother’s Day cards
flock to your eyes gaze..
remember this lover ..
who never gave you much praise..

for inside I always knew..
your sacred heart was my avenue..
and on this day I cry one tear..
for you died and you still … are ever so near..