Hey there lonely one!

we are kindred spirits

walking fleshless, numb, at times ..we peer at others

who walk in careless form

seemingly on our faces,


too deep our emotions crawl inside

we feel them all too harsh,

they talk to us when we are alone

they fester in our wounds.


when no one cares our flags can’t fly..we are undone..incomplete

gazing out on lonely street.

invisible as we are. ..for we can not, fully,  be.

anger begins its journey…


we eat our words at every meal..and struggle with the day

we lick and pick our sores to pain

and start all over again.

the light hurts our eyes and the dark carries us around

heavy is our burden ..long is our silence..stranded in ourselves

my brother or sister…we are not alone..for in our solitariness

we share in oneness of our pain…


when you look in the lonely mirror this time

you’ll find our faces there

climb in

chime in

remember We…Care!