Shadows cast of two monoliths

Rising … ever rising like sheer mountain cliffs

Gazing down on ant-like figures

Destruction’s mighty hand soon delivers.

Vicious … hate filled … men of evil intent

Fly their people filled bombs … lives half-spent

Exploding dreams for a useless cause

Now smashed in innocence the world does pause.

Flames force people to flee through windows to ground

To waiting lovers below … … … no bodies to be found

Rushing heroes rise on the death march of stairs

Smoke filled lungs cry out for some yet unawares

While jumpers leap and fuel does seep

Where heroes crushed to death must sleep

Many kissed life goodbye to let just one fail to die

Burned in pieces on the rubble … no tears to cry

How empty the haters joy could be

Their deeds will be buried in infamy

Now the Towers don’t kiss the sky

Empty rivers of blood’s supply

More to die under one large sigh

Did we ever really find out why?

A world of change met on that day

And vowed to find out what they may

Endless soldiers fought and died … thousands more of civilians too

Such a price … no war … no peace … would or could ever undo