taste your soul on mine

where evil has no part

so these hearts find a way to be

each other’s


tender cobwebs of you

in the place of my thoughts

all night long


awaiting the only mate of death

warmer in the sight of those morning eyes

looking up at me

I never stopped loving you

each step I take I find your ghost

constantly haunting my soul

sleep with my spirit so I can rest


the mountains

we climbed

are mere shadows

scattered behind the deep caverns

we dug to hide our fears


you will know I have sculpted your words

in the closet of my emptiness

no one but you and I will know

you posed for it


why do I need you


you replenish me

even your mistaken words I use to find hope

breaking down changes

in a flesh that never knew more than lust

bestowing love now

you piece me together


is it me that drives you to drive me wild

and wield those loose-fitting desires in devilish eyes

when we walked in the jealous moon’s darkness

and he shone on our love for a span


that night the dim light made us one

can never forget the arms that shivered

and wrapped so neatly around my heart


we promised our very swearings

to the deepest parts of us

and the yearnings answered to the summer mist as we woke

just a little taller

a little closer

to our good life


you placed those tender toes in the waves

barely touching the ground as you skipped over the shore of me

and as you ran

the sun made your shadow hold you close

never betraying your gait



you reclined in your softness

and once again you blessed my space

giving lips to my cause

on that sand

I wrestled with your feelings

tasted what deep love could manifest

and flesh could muster

we could never leave the mounds of this harbor

a safe mooring for our souls

where life met love for a chance


oh what a prize

golden locks

wind tossed

tasting my face

as they drip of the only ocean we should have ever had


I don’t want to let these moments go

the horizon owns them though

and he sends tomorrow too soon


while you walked away

your back  gently looked at me

and the tanned skin found my eyes

and I wanted you more


and so now

I wash your words and hang them out to dry

hoping they will mean the same when I hear them again

and somewhere in your returning

I will take leave of my senses once more