Has Spring found the light of thee…for it must needs be.. thy turn the flowers on..and their purposed look.. take mine eyes for a ride

The mere fear of her limbs..her touching frame..that shame beholds my face..yet who am I to question this rose..of my disgrace

Why doth these eyes hold worship for thee..why doth my very soul sineth inside..thinking thoughts of lust so free.

Me thinks you to be lovely..thy must needs be a reflection of the smooth glass of my heart.

These wits be gone..thine eyes have found mine..and they rivet me so..there is no thinking.. that can be had.

Tides of her flow and flow..a wash in splendor she doth go..a low tide now ..a high tide soon..to drag the likes of this weak buffoon

Let me gather thy stones..from on the shore..thy left them for me..to remember our nights spent there..love’s comedy.

Would’st this blind feeling ..tell me how to be..or shan’t I wonder.. endlessly..or tie my thoughts to our writings on the old oak tree

So dark thy forethought..so meager thy control..me thinks she walks on the thinnest ice..yet does it for me..my soul

That her longings ..do afford me a chance..that her ears still want to feel my words..touching her mind

We..nomads in a tepid pool..the wild imaginings of this fool..feeling tempers fire..beginning to cool

How is it that thy lips taste so sweet..and flowers of beauty form at thy feet..gathering blossoms..from my very heartbeat

This war of love..I doth feel its jumbled tease..its answer.. my darling… formed on our knees

I think I trust thee..I think I must ..I once loved a fair woman just like thee…and the tears still bend this soul..

Lest , I would cleave to thy words..unpaging thee ..as thou were’est a lusty novel ..written in delicious rhyme..enticed every part of me..

Thus…she yields to me..and our bond grows..still her eyes fastened denyingly…there are more regions of her..I must untie

Take thy verses ..swallow every word..O .life..give me pause..for she trades all my emptiness..for a kiss

Eyes that burst into dancing..exciting this man’s heart..from the inside out.

If this vixen ..could only..wear my words..I would’st love her so..if time would slowly ebb..and stop its flow..I could keep her here..

That thou crawlest… and tear this soiled love..that thou leave thy perfumed sorrow on my lap…that thou love’st me too much.

The silence widened between us..and the cold bled through..finding sadness’s hand.. the only willing friend.

O, that you would learn life’s lessons..unpage the questions written in thy tears….and pin them to love’s indignant heart

who shall take her place..the selfless wind that entered me and leaves so many shadows?…she grows like the rising of the sea..

or thou art a rose of mine…dipped in sorrow’s sour wine..finding death thou dost recline

Her ashes now the dirge unsung..the fragrant meadow must is hung..and in the dreaming the bells to be rung.

the flower of this world..doth fall ..petals of loveliness…now undone..wine spilled ..never to recover …this side of the sun..