Spring’s at play..Cupid takes out his bow..arrows take flight..flowers tell lovers…it’s okay…to enjoy the sting.

Finches getting their load at the birdfeeder..changing colors…shining purple like I’ve never seen.

left over giant oak leaves… crumpled up… start to walk across the barren ground…as the mourning doves moan their midday song.

Fish swirl in the cold water… looking up for warmth and of course food…while the snakes make landings between the rocks.. and the turtles inch along

Peeking is the ghost-like moon ..who tells the dark to wait..as this night tries his new black clothes on. 

The trees bending in the wind …with fingered branches holding up the sky…and winter left its mess of broken friends on the ground…a prize for the bugs.

The dumb squirrel digs in empty holes …the very ones he ate the nuts from last week…while the cottontail rabbits zig-zag in the woods.

The pungent odor takes the bog by storm…and the grass loudly tells the sky how to be green…while the blue jay squawks… are echoing in the woods.

Streaming clouds form giant puffs of white and grey  ..looking down as their morning shadows dance ..just holding off their rain… until the right moment.

As the sun winks in and out..the worms begin to slither..and ants find new digs..while the blind rocks are unearthed… like litter on the playground.

Night Peepers salute the dark..making their presence known..(while no one visits the graves of last Spring’s lost Peeps).

Purple flowers break the ground ..on the sunny side of morn..as the birds form their choir in the trees.

Spring trickles joy..down the creek ..tasting decaying branches and lapping the rocks… to shine them with the sun..before joining the lake for their first swim..