She is the book ..i never quite finished..with bent pages..torn edges..and

written all over stained ..but read oh so read

Seems every moment

serves on its knees..praising the love of a Mother.

And tender love is never removed where her face was in my memory,


When she told my toys to go to bed ..they’d listen

 She made the rain a puddled place for dancing…

 And flowers grew out of the funniest things..

 In fuzzy slippers ..she ruled the world…


She’d paint her toes..and chew gum that snapped at me.

Her long black hair I used to pull..still hangs over me today..solving all my problems ..with a smile on the way..

She said my dreams had friends…

 And wished on stars ..with me..


She scared the boogeyman out of my closet..and swept those monsters under my bed..

My plastic army men would line up to see her…

 And when she cried every tear stopped me from seeing for a long time..

 I would hide my underwear in the wash..she would wave them like victory flags..

 She taught me to simmer down..even though I didn’t know what the word meant for years..her eyes taught me…

 There is no grave deep enough to keep her from my heart…

 She showed me what God four letters…she lived…LOVE.

 and I miss her so much…so very much.!!