Out in the fires

Where life is really lived

Danger has flesh and blood

And no heroes exist

Just us…

We provide protection

And feel the heat of another day

Trees explode and snap, while smoke burns your lungs

And the fire jumps in the wind

We only know how to save others from harm

Not ourselves…

Our sacrifice is to run towards

What others leap from…

And guts are all we are made of…

For you…

Firefighters…flame fighters we are

Always behind the line we shouldn’t have crossed

Never knowing the wind’s direction or desire..

We push on to sweep every ember ..of its damn soul…

And in the end

If the flames overwhelm

Just let us go

We knew our chances

But we would do it again

For You…

For this kind of love

Is a fire inside us

You can never put out…

Nor diminish..

God Bless.