When at first you strive the pain is very real

It’s as if life is fighting

And it’s all you can feel

That is when a voice within you starts to cry

“It’s time to quit, saying goodbye,

I’ve paid my price why even try”.

You start anew on Life’s crusade

To achieve, to shine, just to have it fade

And from your knees

You begin to view

What was the former you

You start to wince when others say

“I love winning, I’ve won again today!”


Failure is not where you are,

For there is no place so bizarre,

Instead, it is a figment growing in your head

Perched there waiting for the winning thread

That must weave its loom of promise there

To banish failure to its lair


So smile …and start to turn that leaf

Full of hopes, and new beliefs

To watch failure …stand anew

His life restored …and future too.