Where bald eagles make their wings,

and smooth waters and fish form rings.

Somehow the wind tames the trees,

and your eyes get caught up in the breeze.

Still and calm the morning mirror reflects the dawn,

and the sun creates a magical world… where jewels can spawn.

Brown downy ducks by the dozen teach you how to fish,

face first with tails showing they always get their wish.

When the thunder storms roll in at night it is always a treat,

the wind hurls rain then lightning and lake are forced to meet.

Leaves shaking-off the worries of yesterday

like friends waving goodbye,

while dark clouds hurry their

endless journey in the troubled sky.

Days go by , children laughing, floating around, their joy infectious,

the boats stare at each other floating, as they spin so pretentious.

From moorings and docks made of wood and rope,

giving overworked vacationer’s thrills more hope.

This Cabin holds more than frame and wood could ever cover,

getting to know mother, father, sister, brother, and maybe some other.

A chance to laugh and sing and forget everything… for a while,

but most of all to share love’s lake and

create your own memory’s smile.