What alter can set me free

I know His pain carried sins from people like me

Dormant they were

Until my excuses

Said to me

“Time to break out

Use your will

He can’t feel the pain anymore”


Silence told me

“Fun is laced in golden sins

And it’s God that let them in

He must want you damned

You must be one of the nails

That impaled him there”


My  flesh feels

For the first time

Am I  the glutton passion fed

No memory now

Of a Christ

Who bled.



your new born attitude

When the rain falls

You can


And hide that head

Sins are your friend



Each week

You dawn your apology

And begin again

Knees at the ready

Here comes the sin


Will we ever be able

To apologize for flesh

To the Father the Son

The Holy Ghost

of apathy


Easter is mocked

In perpetuity

The cross is

Lost to



Help me find

A way

A path

Where knees and sin

Have no pain anymore

And I can just believe my way

To your love

Dear Lord…