I am a dreamer who loves poetry and I am looking for a place to provide it to those who love poetry too.

Many of my poems are religious in nature I want you all to know I am not a religion geek. I have my faith and I don’t impose it on others. It is a part of me and I will proudly show it.  If it offends you that is not my purpose. I do not judge others it is my chosen path. I love all people and I will respect you regardless of your faith or non faith..

What I show here will be pieces of me, my heart and soul and a lot of these poems were written years ago before I started the blog. My hope is you will enjoy my words as I change with each post. 

 May you always enjoy your visits here and please leave a note as evidence a human travelled this way...”As we float through life’s domain… let’s help another’s words remain”


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am a dreamer too. I hope to touch people with my poetry as far as it wants to go. I am still new at wordpress.com and hope to figure everything out. I enjoyed some of your poetry

    • thank you for your kind words on my blog…I appreciate them…come to twitter my name is dreamersteve_99 there are tons of poets there lots of word fun..hope to see you..I found it and I am hooked and it will promote your blog…

  2. thanks Rock …only people that care ..even spend anytime leaving their remnants behind…thanks Man

  3. thanks for your comments Rock I appreciate..it

  4. I could see comments from 2011 meaning am a little bit late. Uhnnn… I love it here and thank you Steve for sharing yourself with us. I am a dreamer too who weaves words to be worn in time…. You are doing a great job up in here… Please don’t stop…

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